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Hi folks! I am no longer active on LJ, and consequently this fic page hasn't been updated in ages You can find my fic over here at AO3, and me over on tumblr. I still receive LJ notifications, so if you (eg) message me I'll see it, but this account is basically here as an archive and for occasional participation in LJ-based communities/challenges.


- Everything I’ve written is cross-posted at AO3 and dreamwidth, if you prefer those formats.
- I am also on tumblr.
- My fic is tagged by fandom (though it’s only Supernatural so far, and it’ll probably stay that way), length (<2000, 2000-5000, 5000-12000, 12000-20000, 20000-40000, 40000-60000, 60000-80000, 80000+), and pairing. I always order names in pairings alphabetically. - I am always flattered when people want to compose transformative works for any of my writing, including art, meta, podfic, and AU or fits-with-the-verse fic. My permission isn’t necessary - Kripke hasn’t given me his for any of this, after all - but I’m happy to discuss/brainstorm with you before the fact, or would love to be linked to it afterwards!


[Comment fics.] Comment fics (excluding those re-posted in journal).

Castiel isn't pristine anymore. Mature, Castiel/Sam, one comment. Dark, dubious consent, Sam fixating on Castiel's blood, characters going down pretty dark paths. In response to a very hot gif (and resulting conversation) earlier on the page.

First-time threesome. Explicit, Castiel/Dean/Sam, two comments. For prompt "J2M or D/S/C - first time threesome, Cas topping, bonus hugs for rimming".


[One-shots.] One-shots.

My body, given up for you. Explicit, 3k, Dean/Gabriel. Dean has a bit of a thing about being dominated, but since Hell, that's been overlaid with some troubling other connotations. Gabriel unintentionally triggers this one day when he's angry.

Happiness is somebody to lean on. G-rated Sam-is-a-dog-and-Cas-is-a-cat AU, 3k. Poor bedraggled Sam gets lost, and runs into a cat, who promptly takes charge - of him, and of both their owners. Aka, Cas is secretly a feline mastermind who wants to rule the world so that it has more cuddles in it.

Losyngerie in the Devilles mouth. Teen, 12k. Technically gen, but in terms of the relationships focussed on, all combinations of Sam/Castiel/Lucifer, plus some Castiel/Dean for good measure (and if I get around to writing a sequel, any or all of those may be pursued). Alternate ending to season 7 from 7.21 onwards, written just before the season finale aired. Castiel lets Sam see Castiel's visions of Hallucifer, but just how ‘Hal' is he? And just what are they getting up to together when they aren't hanging around Sam? Warning: May contain surprise archangels. [Sequel to this coming soon.]

Sleep mode. Explicit, 2.7k. Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam. A contribution to that irreplaceable and irrepressible genre, Winchester #1 Wakes Up To Find That He Has Accidentally Fallen Into Bed The Previous Night With Castiel, Gabriel, and Winchester #2. What To Do In This Situation? What To Do?

All the King's Castles. Explicit, 4k. Castiel/Dean. Historical AU (Wales 1284) - Dean is a knight under Edward I, Castiel is the master architect that king has brought in from Savoy and appointed to design the chain of castles marking and consolidating the king's slow conquest of Wales. Most of Castiel's thoughts, though, are taken up with his knight, and the way Dean's grin is brighter and more persuasive than all the words Castiel has ever read to argue against this.

To hold, and to have. Teen, <1k. Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam. Kissing without plot: Gabriel was in danger, now he is not, and the others are furiously (possessively) relieved.

The time for tricks is over. Teen, 3k. Gen, with a sprinkling of Castiel/Dean preslash. After 5x04, the missing archangel Gabriel turns up, claiming that Zachariah is muscling in on her territory with this whole teach-them-the-error-of-their-ways fake-universe business. For some reason, she decides to take them to the zoo. For some other reason, Sam’s cell seems to have decided that ‘Heat of the Moment’ is an excellent ringtone...

The Nature and Kynde of a Lyon. Explicit, 30k. Mostly Castiel/Dean and Dean/Gabriel, but honestly, it’s an all-angel AU with alpha/beta/flock dynamics and Gabriel is the alpha of the flock, so it’s pretty much Gabriel/everyone-no-literally-every-single-character-except-the-kids. Dean comes into heat for the first time, but he and Castiel have some awkward history to work out before things can proceed as smoothly as they should. Do read the warnings for this one: there’s mention of past underage sexual abuse, and although the fic isn’t particularly angsty, there’s definitely trigger potential there.

[NEW] Take all that away, and what's left?. Teen, 2k. Castiel/Dean preslash. Episode coda to 8x21, and picks up right where that leaves off. Now Dean has two people to cook stew for!

[NEW] Mole End. Teen, 2k. Gen, or Castiel/Dean preslash. Another coda to 8x21, although incorporates ideas from 8x22. In which Castiel isn't healing, until someone has the bright idea of sitting by his bed and reading to him. It's not Dean, either.




[Verse: March-Stalkers Mighty] March-Stalkers Mighty (tag - verse:marchstalkersmighty)

March-Stalkers Mighty Explicit, 150k, Castiel/Dean with Gabriel/Sam friendship or pre-slash. A fantasy AU (Fox and the Hound with Beowulf imagery) in which the Winchesters live in an isolated town in the midst of the monster-infested marches, constantly on the brink of being overrun, and the angels are the worst monsters of all. So what if Dean has, hidden behind his headboard, his sketchbook from when he was little, containing pictures of the silent boy with black wings and bright blue eyes who used to play with him and Sammy down in the old oak grove when they were tiny? Nobody needs to know about that. And Dean is very, very good at not thinking about awkward things.

Pelion, with all its woods. Mature, 10k. Sam/Gabriel definitely-not-slashy-naked-massages-no-really hurt/comfort. Aka, What Happened That Dean Doesn't Know About.

They were thy brothers. Mature, 7k. Sam/Gabriel pre-slash, but mostly Gabriel having a breakdown. Scene between Gabriel and Sam while Gabriel is imprisoned in the barn, just after Dean told him that Balthazar is dead.

An Acorn Button. Teen, 6k. Castiel/Dean, Sam/Gabriel pre-slash, Dean and Sam being codependent and shouty. Takes place a week after the end of the main fic, when Dean has a lightbulb moment over Sam and Gabriel’s feelings for each other.

[NEW] Bright as a Gorgon’s Eyes. Almost explicit, 14k, Castiel/Dean. Castiel’s point of view of events throughout the main fic, and extending to two weeks after An Acorn Button.

[NEW] Every Fertile Inch. Explicit, 45k, Castiel/Dean. The first six weeks of Dean and Castiel learning each other’s bodies (and their own); so, fluffy, fumbly pwps, which should be reasonably comprehensible without reading the main verse, especially the first few (3, 5, and 6 are plottier and longer). If you’re considering whether or not to commit to a behemoth the size of this verse, you might want to read one or two of these as samplers!


[Verse: Too Wise to Woo Peaceably] Too Wise to Woo Peaceably (tag - verse:toowisetowoopeaceably)

What passion hangs these weights upon my tongue? G-rated crack of ridiculousness, <1k, Dean/Gabriel or Castiel/Dean or gen depending on your feelings. Gabriel decides that Dean would be so much better at professing his undying love to Castiel if Dean could only speak in opera quotes - then in Shakespeare quotes.

Silence is the perfectest herald of joy: I were but little happy if I could say how much. Teen, 5k. Dean/Gabriel, with Sam/Castiel friendship or pre-slash (Dean thinks it's pre-slash, but do we really trust his emotional judgement?). The good thing with Dean now having all of Shakespeare memorised is it really turns Gabriel on when he quotes it. The trouble is, it's the perfect excuse for them not to actually have to talk. Sam and Castiel spring into sneaky action, Much Ado About Nothing style!


[Verse: In His Image]In His Image 'verse (in chronological order) (tag - verse:inhisimage)

In His Image. Explicit, 152k, Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam. 2012 Gabriel Big Bang. Kali can breathe life back into a corpse, but what exactly is Gabriel now? Gabriel flits around various centuries trying to work that out, Dean has another powered-down angel and a little brother to look out for, Castiel has forgotten how to trust, and someone keeps sending Sam annoying little notes on his laptop. Oh, and Crowley would like to remind you that there's an Apocalypse still going on. Covers season 5 from Gabriel's death to the finale.

Salute all the brethren with an holy kiss. G, 1k, Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam. Two months after IHI. Gabriel decides they all need a holiday, Castiel decides physical affection is the way to go, Dean and Sam blink a lot. Mostly fluff.

Let them be joyful: let them sing aloud upon their beds.. Explicit, 8k, Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/Gabriel, Castiel/Dean/Gabriel, basically it’s all heading towards foursome land. Their first Christmas together, and Gabriel decides that either they go carolling or Dean gets cursed with an eternity of non-alcoholic eggnog.

When thou sleepest, let them keep thee; and when thou awakest, talk with them. Explicit, 5k, Castiel/Gabriel/Sam. Eleven months after IHI. Sam is researching too much. 100% of angels surveyed think there should be more sleep in his life. Or, you know, other bed-related activities.

I have carried you upon the wings of eagles, and taken you to myself. Explicit, 7k, Dean/Gabriel. A year or two after IHI. Showing your wings to a human without burning them up takes skill and care. Castiel can't manage it yet, but Dean is curious. Then Sam lets it slip that Gabriel's been bringing out his wings in bed... Bonus points if Gabriel tries to persuade Dean that flying is not so scary as he thought.

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry. Explicit, 2k, Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam. Team Free Love plays strip poker (or any other strip when you lose type of game), which leads to a steamy foursome. Complete PWP.

Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days. Teen, c. 12k, Four years after IHI. Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam. For the worldwide_spn challenge. The main problem with Sam turning out to be one of the lost archangels isn't actually finding his grace. Turns out relationship crises are even more complicated when there are four of you.

The air was dry with summer heat, and smoke was on the yellow moon. Explicit, 2k, Gabriel/Sam. Epilogue to Cast thy bread. Gabriel has his slightly younger brother back. This is that evening...


[Verse: A rimirar le stelle]

A rimirar le stelle (tag - verse:purgatory) (Note: yes, they are written in English! Only the title quotes are from Dante's Commedia.)

La diritta via era smarrita. Teen, 3k, gen. Castiel and Dean find an incorporeal, memoryless Gabriel in Purgatory.

[NEW] Frate non far: ché tu se’ ombra, e ombra vedi. Explicit, 40k. Sequel to La diritta via, with Gabriel and Castiel and Dean wandering through Purgatory, trying to find a way out and dealing with their various issues and finding that these two goals are in some weird way the same thing. Pairing? It’s complicated. I’m going to ignore the actual “who has sex with whom” question, because that’ not so important, and just call it an emotional threeway. Although there is sex.

Ask Debriel! (link goes to tumblr)  Mature, ongoing, Dean/Gabriel with Castiel/Sam friendship or pre-slash, set vaguely after they get out of Purgatory. So. It’s an interactive fic. An interactive fourth-wall-breaking fic, on the premise that Gabriel has got bored and started a tumblr, mostly to needle Dean, and possibly give Sam a hernia. Readers’ questions are responded to, but in prose, rather than the usual dialogue-with-gifs format - ie, we see the characters peering at the computer screen, arguing over the answer, sometimes arguing over other things, and typing in a response that may or may not accord with what they said.

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