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Hi folks! I am no longer active on LJ, and consequently this fic page hasn't been updated in ages You can find my fic over here at AO3, and me over on tumblr. I still receive LJ notifications, so if you (eg) message me I'll see it, but this account is basically here as an archive and for occasional participation in LJ-based communities/challenges.

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Art post for 2014 DCBB - bunnymaccool's 'What's in the box, Dean Winchester? What's in the box?'

Art for bunnymaccool's 2015 DCBB, which is over here on LJ and here on AO3. :) Thank you for this - it was so much fun! But has definitely confirmed my opinion that six wings are very very impractical on anything that is not a super-powered Dean god who doesn't care about the laws of physics and fitting that many muscles and moving parts into the space of a human back.

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In the Cage

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Sorry about the mess that is the previous post. LJ won't load the compose/edit page, so I managed to post it from my phone on the mobile app but now can't edit in the tags and title. Will fix once LJ decides to play nice!


Team Free Love Secret Lovers Exchange - round 4!

Hi guys! It's that time of year again - time for the Secret Lovers Exchange at team_free_love!

Participants anonymously post a list of prompts and preferences, and we will match you up for a fic exchange. Each participant must write a story based off the prompts received, and someone else will write something for you based off yours. Fics must be at least 2000 words long, and must contain the characters Sam, Dean, Castiel, and - because we're being more flexible this year - one or more of Gabriel, Kevin, Charlie, and Benny. The mods will post the fics anonymously at first, then reveal authorship at the very end.

It's great fun, and previous years have resulted in a lot of amazing fics. Come along and join in!

Rules and timeline are here, sign-up post here.
dementors, we can has soulz

AHBL transcript and mp3 (4/6) - Mark Sheppard

Audio file download (mp3, 22 MB, 44 min).

... and I managed to enter two minutes late to this one, due to a pressing need to eat lunch (during which time Misha happened to wander by with his brother and sister-in-law and nephew/niece just as I took an undignified, over-sized bite of burger, because that is always the way). I did come in as soon as I heard the cheering for him, though, so I didn’t miss too much!

Mark: ... I love it. (pause) That’s not gonna work! (to various people who are filtering in, iirc, because he is stalking about eyeing down individual audience members at this point) Look out behind you! Oh! I love it. She’s gonna ask her first. What, you don’t whisper, put a microphone in her mouth! Whaddaya wanna know?

Fan: I wanted to know, outside of acting - when you’re not working, in other words - what is -

Mark (eyeing off various people who are making the most of fact that they’re allowed to take photos during the first ten minutes of the panel): I steal cameras.

Fan: What is the best thing about being an actor and what is the worst thing about being an actor - as in, advantages, disadvantages? When you’re not acting.

Mark: What’s the worst thing about being an actor - what? Longest bloody question I’ve ever heard in my life.

Fan: In your day-to-day life, when you’re not working -

Mark: In my day-to- - None of your damn business! In my day-to-day-life... What’s the worst thing about - the worst thing about being an actor is waiting. Waiting is an action that consumes all other actions. It’s a very weird thing. Waiting... rejection. All the fun things about being an actor. If you don’t like being rejected it’s the worst possible thing you can do. (to somebody who’s sitting on the stairs) What are you doing there? Hiding on the stairs there. Trip over you at some point. (to whoever has the microphone now) You got a question for me?

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To draw a map of a child's mind

To draw a map of a child’s mind.


Doctors sometimes draw maps of other parts of you, and your own map can become intensely interesting, but catch them trying to draw a map of a child’s mind, which is not only confused, but keeps going round all the time. There are zigzag lines on it, just like your temperature on a card, and these are probably roads in the island - for the Neverland is always more or less an island.
Peter Pan and Wendy, J. M. Barrie (Chapter 1).

Written: 7-9 June 2013, for princess_aleera's birthday.

Pairings: None (except Dean/Castiel/Sam friendship)

Rating: M, for a little gore at the start

Genre and tropes: Baby fic, bunker fic, fallen Castiel, human Castiel, domestic fluff, post season 8

Word count: 6k.

Spoilers: Assume knowledge through to the end of season 8.

Summary: They come across an abandoned newborn, on a case. Sam assumes Dean will put her up for adoption. Any minute now... right? (Also known as, I can’t help it, I have father!Dean feels this week.)

Warnings: Gore (canon-level violence) resulting in an orphan.

AO3 link.

“I thought their eyes couldn’t focus so young.”
Dean’s finger reached out, traced across the baby’s cheek, earned a small noise.
“Guess nobody told her that. Wants to get you all figured out - don’t you, darlin’?”
There was a lazy ease to Dean’s voice when he spoke to her that brought out the drawl, the one he usually kept hidden under the sharpness of the job, of being the tough guy with the world on his shoulders. It did strange, uneasy things to Sam’s gut - some not-quite-right feeling that he couldn’t place.

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bitch please, not eliza bennet

AHBL transcript and mp3 (2/6) - Rob Benedict

Audio file (mp3, 21.5 MB, 45 mins).

Note: This was not officially a panel, as technically Rob wasn’t a guest but the MC. So he was the one detailed to entertain us while they sent people out row by row for photos. Mostly this took the form of him playing songs, and an episode commentary on “The Monster at the End of the Book”. (Later on, during the autograph section, he wasn’t there because he was signing things and they put on “The Real Ghostbusters” - and seeing Chuck conduct a con and discuss the Supernatural books was quite the mindtwist after seeing Rob conduct a con and discuss the Supernatural show!)

This section is very difficult because there’s a lot of people moving around and for a lot of the time Rob doesn’t have a mike. I’ve paraphrased here and there in square brackets, and snipped some sections where nothing was happening. I advise against listening to this with headphones because the singing is very quiet and is followed by painfully loud cheering. Also, sorry, I went out to do something and missed (apparently) Rob singing “She Waits” and some of the episode commentary. But here, have someone else’s video of the former:

Rob singing “She Waits”.

[On screen:

DEAN:  “... He was starting to have doubts about Chuck, about whether he was telling the whole truth.”

SAM: Stop it.

DEAN: “‘Stop it,’ Sam said.” Guess what you do next.]

Sam scowls and does a little pouty wriggling motion with his shoulders, which Rob apparently thinks is hot.

Rob: That’s - I gotta get that - what’s that move? I’d get more hot-guy points if I could master that.

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AHBL transcript and mp3 (3/6) - Sebastian

Mp3 file download - 41 mins, 19 MB.

This actually followed Rob's session (which technically wasn't a panel), but I'll transcribe that tomorrow - I wanted to leave it a little longer to see if any more videos of Rob singing appear around the place!

Note: I’m sure it will astonish you to hear it, but this panel is definitely NSFW. And if the c-word offends you, or Gandalf/Sam/Frodo threesomes all acted out by one guy, this might not be your cup of tea. Also, [?] indicates that I can’t work out what was being said, [some words?] indicates that I’m not sure, but “some words” is my best guess (and matches my memory of the sense of what was being said, if not the exact wording). Feel free to suggest alternatives in comments.

Rob: Hi, how’s it going?(Cheers.) Alright, this is the good part. So we got the pictures out of the way, and now we get to hear the [?] talk. My favourite part of the day. And so... is everybody happy so far? everybody having a good time? (More cheers.) Thanks for those of you who were with me earlier, that was super fun, just to talk for a little bit, hang out, watch an episode, and remember all the parts. (Audience laughs, because he found when watching the episode that he’d forgotten a lot.) Alright! If you’re ready - are you ready to feel sexy? (Dead silence. Or possibly cheers and screaming, take your pick.) Let’s bring the sexy back.

Balthazar’s intro video plays.

Rob: Sexy. Oh my god, so sexy. Very sexy. Oh, sexy drinking!

You can tell the point at which we see Castiel stab Balthazar by the swearing and woe noises. It ruins the sweet illusion that that bit never happened.

Rob: Ladies and gentlemen, the man who put sexy back in sexy, the man who can make a [?] sexy, Mr Sebastian Roche!

Enter Sebastian, exit Rob.

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